Forty Weight Coffee Roasters
(Ithaca, NY)

P.Y.T. Espresso
Roast: Medium
Notes:  This medium espresso blend checks all the boxes for us. A full bodied, robust profile that shines both with milk and without.

San Fernando (Peru) *Single Origin*
Roast: Medium
Notes: Sparkling brown sugar and lemon citrus for a beautiful balanced pour over.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
(Millerton, NY)

Blue Batak Sumatra (Indonesia)
Roast: Medium
Notes:  Semi washed process of these great South Toba beans produce a full bodied cup with a little bit of uncharacteristic acidic shine for this region. Makes a great pour over or french press at home!

Blackstrap Espresso Blend(Brazil/El Salvador/Honduras)
Roast: Medium
Notes: Rich chocolatey espresso blend that pairs well with milk in a slightly longer round shot, bright and cherry tart as a stand alone espresso.


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