Rotating Menu, Updated Weekly

updated:  October 13, 2018



Big Bird $12
Fried Chicken, Stock Up sauce, natural pickles and crisp greens on organic butter brioche.
Breakfast Bird $14
Fried chicken, bacon, fried egg, Mike's Hot Honey, and crisp greens on organic butter brioche.
BBQ Bird $13
Fried chicken, spicy BBQ sauce, pickled onions, cabbage slaw on organic butter brioche.
Phoenix $13
Fried chicken, Thai sweet chili sauce, ginger pickles, cilantro and crisp greens organic butter brioche.
Seoul Bird $14
Fried chicken, melted Swiss, Mike’s Hot Honey Ham, house pickles, aioli and crisp greens on brioche.
L’uccellino (Italian Bird) $14
Fried chicken, Nonna’s sauce, melted Provolone, shredded Montamore cheese, on Garlic Bread


Downstate BEC $8
Two fried farm eggs, house-smoked bacon, cheddar, sriracha ketchup on organic ciabatta.
Bubbie's $10
Pastrami, Swiss, house pickles, Stock Up sauce and two fried eggs on grilled sourdough rye.
Classic Beast $12
Thin-sliced roast beef, cheddar, horseradish remoulade, tomato, pickled onions, arugula on organic butter brioche.
Principessa $12
Housemade Eggplant Caponata, Fried fresh Mozzarella, Arugula, Balsamic Vinaigrette, on Garlic Bread.
Pork + Pineapple $10
Slow-roasted pork with Carolina BBQ Sauce and pineapple salsa on organic ciabatta.
Uncle Frank $12
Prok & Beef knockwurst, Thundersnout Mustard sauce, Screamin’ Onionz on a Potato Roll w/ Pickles.
Chipotle Tuna $11
Oil-packed Bonito salad, pickled onion, tomato and arugula on organic ciabatta.
Carrozza $11
Fried fresh mozzarella, roasted red pepper and olive spread, white bean hummus, arugula and garlic knot sauce on organic whole grain bread.
Cubano $13
Smoked ham, roast pork, melted swiss, house pickles, dijon, aioli on organic ciabatta.
An American Hero $12
Thin sliced roast beef and roast turkey, sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, aioli on organic ciabatta.
Turkey Club $13
Roast turkey, sharp cheddar, house-smoked bacon, crisp apples, aioli and arugula on whole grain health bread.
Reuben Turkey $13 or Pastrami $14
with Brussels sprout sauerkraut, stock up sauce and swiss on organic sourdough rye.
Smoked Chicken Wrap $12
Smoked chicken, white BBQ sauce, crisp greens, pickles, cheddar, in a wrap.
Rainbow Roll $10
Hummus, tomato, cukes, banana peppers, cheddar and baby kale, with lemon vinaigrette in a wrap
Pulled Pork $10
Sugar-cured and slow-roasted pork with Carolina BBQ Sauce and cabbage slaw on organic butter brioche.
Pork + Pineapple $10
Slow-roasted pork with Carolina BBQ Sauce and pineapple salsa on organic ciabatta.
Mezzi-Chic $13
Grilled chicken, Greek veg salad, hummus and tzatziki in a warm pita.
Smoked Seoul $11
House-smoked ham, melty Swiss, house pickles, aioli, Mike's Hot Honey, and crisp greens on organic butter brioche.


Popouli (a real-deal Greek) $12
House greens, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, pickled onions, feta, banana peppers, stuffed grape leaf and tzatziki

Wild Mushroom Bowl  $11
Spicy wild mushroom blend, tomatillo pico de gallo, pickled onion + jalepeno, 9-minute egg, tortilla crisps and chipotle crema over greens.

Grain Bowl $10
Farro tabbouleh, 9-minute egg, crisp apples, house-smoked bacon, pickled onions, arugula and Mike's Hot Honey


Hummus Platter 8
White bean hummus, olive-pepper spread and warm pita
Broccoli Tots $7
with garlic knot sauce
Fried Pickles $7
with Stock Up sauce
Fried Cheese $10
Two giant slices of fresh mozzarella. Fried. With garlic knot sauce.
Thai Chili Bites $9
Fried chicken bites (dark meat!), tossed in thai chili sauce, served with lime and cilantro.
BTP Deli Salads -- prices vary
Get a 1/2 lb. portion of any deli salad for $3.50 with the purchase of any sandwich! Also sold separately by the pound.


French Onion Soup $6
Served with melted Swiss cheese and Croutons.

Sipping Brodo -- prices vary
Hot bone broth for sipping! $4 8oz / $6 12oz / $8 16oz

To-go quarts of Beef and Chicken Brodo available in our fridges.

Winner, Winner!

Rotisserie Chicken Dinner
Just the bird: $20
With all the fixings: $25


Chicken Digits $10
Chicken fingers a la Big Bird, with organic ketchup and a cup 'o fruit salad. 
Hammy Time $9
Grilled ham, melty cheddar, on organic butter brioche with a cup 'o fruit salad. 
Nico Special $9
Roast turkey, cheddar, tomato and aioli in a wrap a cup 'o fruit salad. 
Melt $6
Grilled Cheese on whole grain bread. Add bacon $2. With a cup 'o fruit salad. 
PB+J $5
with a cup 'o fruit salad. 
Egg Sammie
with cheddar $4
with cheddar and bacon $6
with cheddar and ham $6




Big Mouth Coffee
(Beacon, NY)

Big Blend
Roast: Medium
Notes:  Toffee, citrus fruits, chocolate, berry


Check out our BEER MENUS page for the most up to date list of beers including cans and bottles

(below listing last updated 10.13.18)


Metanoia | IPA from Alewife Brewing Company

Oktoberfest | Lager from Von Trapp Brewery

Farm Cider | Cider from Angry Orchard

Piquette Chardonnay | WINE from Wild Arc

Yaupon | KOMBUCHA from YesFolk *non-alcoholic

*rotating can selection available in our fridges


Maris Pinot Noir | Organic, Canned 2015 Pays d’Oc, France from Château Maris | organic, pinot noir, deliciously smooth

Ruza Rose | Canned 2017 California Rosé from Winc | dry, pale pink with a light spritz on the palate

Vinny Bubbly | Canned Naples, NY bubbly white wine