Rotating Menu, Updated Weekly

updated:  December 8, 2018


available in 8, 12 or 16oz. Call for the broth of the day!

48 hour beef bonebroth, onion, sherry, cheese, crouton



Sausage Baby $6
Marbled Meat Shop breakfast sausage, cheddar, one fried egg, pickled onion, arugula and sriracha mayo on a DAM GOOD English muffin
Downstate BEC $8
Two fried eggs, housemade heritage bacon, cheddar, and spicy ketchup on organic ciabatta
Ham ON! $8
Ham, two fried eggs, Swiss and Stock Up sauce on organic ciabatta
Bubbie’s $10
Grass-fed and finished pastrami, Swiss, Stock Up sauce, two fried eggs and house made pickles on organic sourdough rye.


BiG BiRd $12
Fried chicken, stock up sauce, natural pickles, crisp greens, on organic Bread Alone brioche.
Breakfast Bird $14
Fried chicken, bacon, fried egg, Mike’s Hot Honey and crisp greens on organic Bread Alone brioche.
Fire Bird (it is hot. like fiyah.) $13
Fried Chicken, aioli, pickles, hotter-than-hot sauce and crisp greens on organic Bread Alone brioche.
The Phoenix $13
Fried chicken, sweet chili sauce, ginger pickles, aioli, and crisp greens on organic brioche.
Fried chicken, Nonna’s sauce, melted provolone, roasted red peppers, shredded parm, on garlic ciabatta
BBQ Bird $13
Fried chicken, spicy BBQ, pickled onion, cabbage slaw, and pickled onions on organic Bread Alone brioche.
Bada BOOM! $13
Fried chicken, provolone, chopped giardiniera, arugula, onion and balsamic vinaigrette on garlic ciabatta


Buffalo Soldier $12
Pulled Chicken, spicy BBQ, blue cheese and lettuce in wrap
Smoked Seoul $11
House-smoked ham, melty Swiss, house pickles, aioli, Mike’s Hot Honey, crisp greens on brioche.
Carrozza $11
Fried fresh mozz, roasted red peppers, olive tapenade, white bean hummus, arugula, garlic knot sauce, on whole grain bread
Chipotle Tuna Sandwich $11
Tuna salad with lime, chipotle and herbs, pickled onion, arugula on tomato on organic ciabatta
Rainbow Roll $10
Hummus, tomato, cukes, banana peppers, arugula, cheddar and lemon-thyme vinaigrette in a wrap
Pulled Pork $10
Sugar-cured, slow roasted pork in Carolina-style BBQ sauce, sweet pickles and pickled onions on organic Bread Alone brioche.
Pork and Pineapple $11
Slow roasted, sugar cured pork, NC BBQ, pineapple salsa on organic Bread Alone ciabatta
Mezze Chick $13
Pulled rotisserie chicken, Greek Veggie salad, white bean hummus, and Tzatziki in a warm pita
Principessa $12
Housemade eggplant caponata, fried fresh mozz, arugula, balsamic vinaigrette, on organic garlic ciabatta
Swiss Beast $12
Hot rast beef, swiss, red onion and Russian dressing on organic sourdough rye
Classic Beast $12
Thin-sliced grass-fed roast beef, cheddar, horseradish remoulade, tomato, pickled onion and arugula on organic brioche
Bada BING! $13
Hot beef, provolone, chopped giardiniera, arugula, onion and balsamic vinegar on garlic ciabatta
Cubano $13
Smoked ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, house pickles, dijon, and aioli on ciabatta


add pulled chicken $4

Mushroom Bowl $11
Spicy wild + tame mushrooms, pico de gallo, pickled onion + jalapeno, served with fresh fried tortilla
Grain Bowl $10
Farro tabbouleh, 9-minute egg, crisp apples, house-smoked bacon, pickled onion, arugula and Mike’s Hot Honey
Popouli $12
Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cukes, pickled onion, feta, banana peppers, Kalamata olives, stuffed grape leaf and tzatziki sauce.


Fried Cheese - two pieces of fried fresh mozz. $10
Hummus and Pita - white bean hummus $8
Fried Pickles $7
Broccoli Tots $7