Our team of butchers and chefs work hard every day to provide the community with quality dishes that can be enjoyed with us or on the go. From roast beef and smoked ham to pickles and sauerkraut, all deli selections are made in-house. 

MEAT CASE     all animals humanely raised, humanely processed + locally sourced. 

Roast Beef - Grass-fed and finished

Ham - Pastured Pork brined and smoked in-house

Turkey - Roasted Heritage Breed Turkey

Pastrami - Smoked in-house, grass-fed and finished

Bacon brined and smoked in-house

SALAD CASE      all salads made in our kitchen. We offer a wide selection of dishes daily and rotate dishes regularly. Plenty of options for our gluten-free and vegan customers. All salads sold by weight or as a composed salad over greens. 

Broccoli & Brussels Sprout Slaw- creamy slaw with shredded broccoli, brussels, and carrots

5 Bean Chow Chowbeans, red onion, light dressing and herbs

Dirty Potato Salad* roasted red potatoes, house smoked bacon, fresh eggs, whole grain mustard, aioli

Fresh Fruit Salad*

Buttermilk Chicken Salad* - pulled chicken, buttermilk, celery, dill, and grapes

SEASONAL OPTIONS (last updated March 2018)

Roasted Brussels & Grapes - brussels, garlic, grapes, and a touch or red wine vinegar

Local Roots - roasted root vegetables in light dressing and herbs

Wheatberry Tabouleh - wheatberries, red onions, herbs

Greek & Grain Salad - feta, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, farro in a lemon dressing

We also offer: House-made Pickles, Brined Beets, Olives, and Pickled Eggs!

*available everyday, all other salads rotate regularly.
Please call or email for current selection of seasonal salads and veggie sides.