Block x Block

While building our business on Teller Ave. over the past two years, we have met so many wonderful people with stories to tell about the city of Beacon. We met folks that recalled, over a cup of coffee, what life was ;like BEFORE the bridge, when riding the ferry to Newburgh to stroll Broadway was a Sunday ritual. We met families new to the area who had fallen in love with the natural surroundings and the city's appreciation of the arts. We met women and men that come from surrounding areas daily to work in Beacon's schools. Every day since we opened our doors we have had the pleasure of sharing stories with wonderful people that call this place home. 

In an effort to keep these conversations going and keep your bellies full of responsibly sourced, from-scratch cooking, we are launching Block by Block, a rotating schedule of block-specific deals for the city of Beacon. We hope to meet more of our neighbors, share stories, and bring more folks together over some delicious grub.

How it works

WHO: Each week we announce several different blocks around the city eligible for great Stock Up deals. 

WHATDeals will rotate based on what is in the case

WHERE29 Teller Ave. 

WHEN: Blocks will be announced on Saturday evening, Deals will be available Sunday- Friday

WHY:: To meet more neighbors, introduce new products we are proud of and support local farmers, bakers and makers of the Hudson Valley

HOW: Residents will mention BLOCK x BLOCK and show proof of address upon check out


This Week's Deals

15% off Take Home Meals

Choose from either of our deli cases and make your family a meal ready to heat and eat. Deal includes rotisserie chicken. 

10% off Dine-In Ticket

Stay in and eat with us and take 10% off your entire ticket! 

Teller Ave. + W. Center St. 

Thanks to all of our Teller and West Center neighbors that have been so supportive over the past two years, this is a special corner of the city to us. We are looking forward to hearing more about what you'd like to see from us in the next two years. 


9D/Wolcott Ave.

One of the most beautiful roads in the Hudson Valley, in our opinion. Come on in and tell us what you love about your little corner of Beacon!


Miller and Fowler St. 

Tucked away over by the GW statue, these two little roads have incredible charm and some die-hard Stock Up regulars. .